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Cage Code: 5VBX1
NAICS: 541330, 541511 and 541512

Capbility Statement

What our clients say:
During the past several years at SonoSite I have had the opportunity to work very closely with Dick on a number of different projects. Dick is a very knowledgeable and experienced electrical engineer who always gets the job done on-time and with high quality. Most recently we worked on a project where he implemented a proprietary digital protocol required for the real time communication between a novel transducer and one of SonoSite’s ultrasound systems. Furthermore, he provided very valuable feedback on the electrical design and took the task of bringing up the initial board, while refining the design to improve performance and reliability. Dick is a versatile engineer that can work in many different areas of electrical engineering including ASIC and FPGA development as well as electrical design and board schematics. He is a great team player and a hard worker staying focused on the goals of the project toward on-time and high-quality delivery. I would highly recommend Dick for a job and he is always the first person I consider for EE projects here at SonoSite.

Niko Pagoulatos, PhD- Director, High Access Mobility, Sonosite-FujiFilm, Bothell WA
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